You are talented, but this “running a business” thing can be tough.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be all struggles and stress. My job is to equip you with the right mindset, strategies and tools to move forward in your business – in a way that is in alignment with you.

  • Get clear on your vision and goals for your business
  • Uncover the root of what’s getting in the way of making it happen
  • Create an actionable plan to get you unstuck and start moving forward toward the business of your dreams

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Check out what others are saying about the Business Breakthrough experience

Working with Coach Misti has changed me and my career forever!

“Not only am I better able to flourish in my current job, but she is helping me create my new photography business. I’m already working on my first clients! All that, and I’m having a blast the entire time. I’m keeping her around for a while!”

-Heather Petropoulos, Photographer

I’ve been able to manage my stress so its no longer managing me!

“Coach Misti is amazing. Since our last talk, I booked four new gigs and I’m in conversations with three other potential clients!”

-Tina Romero, DJ and Filmmaker

Coach Misti made my transition to business owner a lot easier!

Misti is a dynamic coach who will help you with your business goals, while coaching the entire person along the way. It’s not just about goal setting and profits; it’s also about creating a business and life that are in line with your values.

-Amanda Abella, Millenial Life & Business Coach

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